A rich expertise and know-how gathered from the most outstanding accounts and practices around the world, BeUnion provides a successful service across several typologies in retail, luxury retail, shop-in-shop, department store, travel retail and hospitality projects.

For detailed information on the company profile and factory resources, you may find our Company Presentation by clicking this link.

We consider each new project as an entirely unique phenomenon to be handled and managed in a holistic approach.
BeUnion members are from a diverse background including architecture, design and engineering, production planning and execution, logistics and accounting. They collaborate and observe the needs of all team members under the leadership of a project manager striving to complete the project.

Consistency in this client-oriented approach is ensured by our Project Management Review Board which follows up every project at key stages of its production and execution.At backstage, alongside our Project Management process; our Production Development, Planning and Execution teams are fully motivated especially for the challenging concepts with delicate details.

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